Togglz Integration with REST

This is the continuation of my previous REST with Spring – Hello World example. This example integrates Togglz with the REST example. Togglz proxy factory bean pattern is used in this example. Source code for this example can be found here.



Toying with Togglz

Any non-trivial software is composed of many different parts. Some of these parts can be grouped together to form a software feature – a unit of functionality that satisfies a requirements or business needs.

In today’s agile environment, a release cycle is decomposed into multiple sprints. The basic premise of sprint is to build a product which is ready to be shipped at the end of each sprint cycle – doesn’t matter if the product has only a few basic functionalities. What happens to those features which take multiple sprints to build and are not ready to be released yet? It’s important to remember that the incomplete features are still part of the same codebase.