What is Docker?

Over the past one year, I posted a couple of blogs on Docker. I am not fully convinced that I have fully grasped or explained what is Docker. This is another attempt to fully understand and explain the basic concepts of Docker and the evolution of virtualization.



Dockerize your Spring Boot Application

It has been nearly a year since my last posting on Docker. The popularity of Docker has since grown by leaps and bounds. In this posting, I will show you how to create a Docker image of a Spring Boot application using a Maven Docker plugin.


Dockerize your REST API

If you are in IT field, you must have come across the term Docker. Docker is still very new and gained traction in the last year or so.  So, what is Docker? Docker is a open-source platform that allows you to run your application image in a virtual environment. There are two parts to Docker – image and container. An image is a file that contains a stripped down version of Linux OS along with your application and all its dependencies. While container is a running instance of an image. The Docker Engine provides the technology to create the image for your software and also to run and manage the container. You can find more about Docker here.